May 18, 2013

Scenes from // The Sahara

 My mind is on traveling today. As I prepare for a big change and upcoming travels, I can't help but think back on one of my favorite past travel moments, watching the Sahara Desert Sunrise in Morocco. Last December we rode camels deep into the desert wild until we reached a Bedouin style camp. Tents made out of canvas surrounded a big fire pit in the middle. There we enjoyed an authentic tagine that had been cooked over the fire for hours and spent the rest of the evening dancing and singing to the beat of Berber drums. Our eyes grew heavy while gazing at the stars, so we headed off to our tent and climbed into bed. After a long day on a camel, sleep came easily.

Our Berber guides didn't have watches on their wrists or clocks in their tents because they don't need them. Every morning they naturally rise with the sun and at night they go to bed with the moon. In the Sahara, the sun is your watch and the moon is your clock. On this morning they were kind enough to wake us up just in time to climb to the top of a dune to watch the sun rise. As the sun peaked over the Saharan desert it exposed the warm and exotic colors of Africa. A moment I will cherish forever. Watching the sun rise in new places is one of my favorite things in life.

 Have you ever watched the Sunrise? When and where?

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  1. Ky, that camel picture is amazing! I love it every time I see it. What a fun adventure. Can't wait till we start ours! Love & miss you!!!