May 14, 2013

RopeSouls Style // Mckay

We are stoked to start a new series here on the blog: RopeSouls Style. This series will feature real customers rocking their rope sandals all over the world. Today our series starts in the capital of Utah, with McKay. By day, McKay catches the city breeze on the back of her bike. By night she explores the streets in search of inspiration. On the weekends you will find her in the nearby Wasatch mountains hunting bugs for her always growing insect collection. Mckay is wild, free and beautiful. Salt Lake City is happy to have her.

We asked Mckay a few quick questions:

What do you love about your city?
I love that when I walk down the streets I can be whoever I want to be. I love when I put on my headphones and the music comes alive as I stroll past the tall buildings. I love that I can meet so many people and yet there always is a new face.

Any upcoming adventures?
Yes, and No. leaving room for spontaneity, a few bug hunts this summer and really hoping to spend a few weeks in Turkey before the year ends.

What do you love about your RopeSouls?
I love my RopeSouls because I have worn them long enough now that they fit my feet perfectly. They feel so simple. When the city people are whirling around me with fancy brands, they are a reminder of how the world can be beautiful in it's simplicity. Oh, and they are the PERFECT bug hunting shoes... stealthy.
Thanks Mckay, you really do rock your ropes
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  1. Woo.. Now I want a Pair!! :D

  2. McKay is such a cute bug! Cuter than even the cutest of bugs in her collection. Love her free spirit! Great new series. Can't wait to see who's next.
    love you!