July 22, 2013

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June 26, 2013

Van Venture // Moon Shadows

We drove through a cloud to reach our spot for the night. When we arrived the fog was so thick we could barely see. As we sat down to eat our dinner of rice and soup, the cloud began to wisp away, exposing a bright and full moon. The moon lit up the whole valley like a skylight, we could see everything in front of us. The tall snow-caped Pyrenees were right above us, looking so mysterious in the moon light. I danced around and made moon shadows while Dustin experiment with the camera. He was trying to capture the amazing night, but we both agreed that no picture could do it justice.

The next morning we woke up to a little rain but we still managed to have a delicious breakfast of muesli, bananas and tea. Our breakfast under the Pyrenees was a great start to another day on the Van Venture.

June 23, 2013

Van Venture // It begins...

Gray skies and golden fields.
A turquoise vdub with a mattress in the back.
Pedal to the medal with our RopeSouls on.
Counting the kilometers as we fly down the highway.

Two words come to mind; wild and free.

We're on a VanVenture and we'l be gone til December.

vanventure 1 from Rope Souls on Vimeo.