May 20, 2013

Van Venture // The Route

Two short weeks until we embark on our van venture. We have about a million things on our mind and two million on our to do list, but I can't help but day dream about our upcoming adventures and especially the route we will be taking. I have been pouring over maps, trying to decide the best path for us. We have come up with the plan of sticking to the coast, where RopeSouls will sell well and where our down time can be spent at the beach soaking in the Mediterranean Sun.

But before our life behind the windshield can really begin, we are meeting up with my parents in Galicia, Spain. They are flying all the way from Utah to Europe to spend time with us before we make our way to Ethiopia. It's been nine long months since the last time we saw them and we couldn't be more stoked. With my parents, we will hiking part of the Camino de Santiago and possibly dipping down into Portugal. We can't wait to share our explorations on the blog.

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