April 7, 2013

Scenes from the "office"

Usually when I am in need of inspiration I immediately head outdoors, but the weather here in San Sebastian has been the biggest drag lately. Rain, hail, hurricane winds, you name it. So instead I created an inspiring office space indoors.

We share our flat with 10 other people from all over the world. We have had roommates from Korea, Finland, Germany, Romania, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Ireland, America and of course Spain. Never a dull moment in this mini United Nations.

The only space we have to ourselves is a cozy bedroom, with a balcony. In one corner of the room, is our office, where all the RopeSouls magic happens. This is where we run the website, blog, manage finances, inventory, everything. On the other side of the room, is where we create rope sandals, things get messy over there so we will save that for another post.

One thing I always have on my office desk no matter where I live, is an inspiration board. This helps me get inspired even inside our dusty 250 yr old flat. For my inspiration board I gather things from past travels, rip pages out of magazines, print off pictures from the internet or just grab anything that feels right.

Currently on my board:
  • Maps: Preparing for our 3 month travel where we will be living in a van and selling RopeSouls
  • Beads from Wukro, Ethiopia: Project Wurko is RopeSouls main goal right now, we hope to make it there this fall.
  • Pictures from the Past: My past is important to me right now because I had always wanted to move to Europe and if I hadn't made that decision I never would have had the inspiration to start RopeSouls with Dustin.
  • Beach Postcard: Because Rope sandals are THE best beach sandals ever.
Do you have an inspirational space? What do you do for inspiration when the weather is a drag?


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  2. Its funny where we sometimes get our inspiration. When driving to work in the mornings a lot of times I will just think about the things I need to try and get done today. Its hard to find a place in the house for inspiration when there is a tv in most every room. Loved your post. Other than that your mom gives me most of my inspiration.

    1. Mom is quite the inspiring lady! But sometimes a good drive all alone with no distractions is a great place to find inspiration!

  3. Ky, I love the inspiration board! Hope to have some thing similar in my craft (creative) space soon! the beads are wonderful and of course, not inspiration board could be yours without a map or postcard or two. Love your little corner in the world!
    hugs and kisses!!!!
    p.s. dad's last statement almost made me cry. He's a keeper!

    1. Those beads are actually for you! Your inspiration board will be wonderful, I will have to send a few postcards for you to add to it. I hope you can make it over here to see my little corner of my world!