April 16, 2013

a Hike, the Ocean, and a New Word.

After weeks upon weeks of rain, San Sebastian has finally been blessed with some good weather. When the sun hit our window in the morning, we immediately strapped on our RopeSouls and headed outdoors. We grabbed some friends and headed up into the mountains for a great hike along the coast with some incredible views. When Dustin started to feel a bit "pecking" (a new word our Australian friend taught us. See below for definition) we stopped for lunch on a grassy knoll with a view of the sea. We enjoyed great conversation and a typical European lunch complete with baguettes, chorizo, mediterranean olives, fresh veggies and of course copious amounts of cheese. We only have two months left before we head out into the unknown of living in a van and travelling Europe. I am grateful for moments like this where we have the chance to take in all the beauty that San Sebastian has to offer.

Do you know any other austrialian english words?


  1. Pecking, oh I love it! Going to add it to my list of favorite sayings. So glad that the sunshine found you! Looks like you've made some fun friends. What a wonderful adventure!
    hugs, (and kisses)

  2. Ha, ha, had to come back and say how I love the picture of Dustin's extra large foot! Rockin those RopeSouls!