March 22, 2013

RopeSoul City Tour: San Sebastian

Hello all and welcome to the RopeSouls blog! We hope you will join us on this great adventure and keep up to date with everything going on by following. We would like to start out by telling you a little about the city where RopeSouls was born.

San Sebastian is a small but lively city nestled among beautiful green rolling hills on the northern coast of Spain.  It is the capital of Basque Country and home to one of the oldest languages and cultures in Europe known by the same name. There is truly something here for everyone and over the next few posts we will take you on a tour of this magical city.

We suggest starting at the boulevard and walking deeper into the narrow cobblestone streets of Parte Vieja. Here you will find great street performers, endless pintxo bars and a path to Jesus. (no, literally, there is a path that leads up to a giant statue of Jesus, one of the first to sport rope sandals)

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  1. I am following in the footsteps of Jesus. Loving my ropesouls. They are super comfy. Can't wait to get mine wet!