March 24, 2013

RopeSoul City Tour: San Sebastian Part 2

When you have had enough to eat at the pintxo bars, head to the beach to relax. San Sebastian is famous for some of the best in-city beaches in Europe, and for a small city they are never far away. The northern most beach (zurriola) is where the surfers and locals like to hang out. If you want to learn to surf there are plenty of surf schools in the area as well. La Concha is the most famous beach, known for its picture perfect cove of white sand and inviting waters. Even during the winter months there are some people who never miss a day to swim. (They may need counseling)

RopeSouls are great beach shoes.  You can very quickly become one with nature, and they are happy to go wherever you want to take them, out of water or in..

When you have soaked up enough sun on the beach, follow it all the way to the end and you will be blown away by one of the cities most enjoyable displays of art, "the wind combs".  When the tide is high, stand over one of the blow holes for a sensation you'll never forget. I imagine this is what it would feel like to stand on a whale..

The wind combs sit beneath the highest point in the city, which can be reached by tram for a spectacular view.  At the top also sits an eerie amusement park, that according to the travel book 36 hours, would appeal to children and hipsters. 


  1. Oh my, talk about gorgeous! Love the blow hole. That would be one big wedgie! Can't wait to come and experience this culture. Even to eat a few Pintxos!