June 23, 2013

Van Venture // It begins...

Gray skies and golden fields.
A turquoise vdub with a mattress in the back.
Pedal to the medal with our RopeSouls on.
Counting the kilometers as we fly down the highway.

Two words come to mind; wild and free.

We're on a VanVenture and we'l be gone til December.

vanventure 1 from Rope Souls on Vimeo.


  1. Travel safe and don't fall off! Hope you're wearing a seat belt if you're traveling on top. lol!

  2. How amazing! You will have the adventure of a lifetime! HAVE FUN!

  3. Oh how I wish I were young and free again to be able to do just what you are doing! Be safe in your travels, be kind to the environment, and make memories to grow old with! I found you from your mother's blog! Vickie @ Making Our Sustainable Life