June 10, 2013

RopeSouls Style // Tim

For our second installment of RopeSoul Style we are featuring Tim from Germany.  Currently living in Spain, Tim is surfing as much as he can before he heads back to university this fall. He chose the north of Spain because the surf is good just about every single day, but on this specific day the surf was bad so I caught these photos of him taking his board to get waxed. Just the way Tim talks about surfing you can tell he has such a passion for life.

We asked Tim a few questions

What's your next adventure?
My next adventure is a road trip through Spain and Portugal. Driving along the whole coast in search of the perfect wave and surf as much as I can. It will be a two month concentration on the most important things in the world: people, books, music and surfing.

What do you love about surfing?
Surfing is a never ending challenge but at the same is like being a free bird. The few seconds of riding a wave are enough to get addicted to the freedom and independence. 

What do you love about your RopeSouls?
RopeSouls are made for everything in your daily life. In the beginning I thought I would just wear them to the beach, but now I wear them everywhere. They are so comfortable that sometimes I think I'm not wearing them at all!

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  1. Tim is a handsome young man and looks ever so cool in his rope souls